Paralyzed cat drags herself to the spot where she left her Babies

5. June 2016 - By Tara J. Barker

There are some truly terrible people in this world and I’m afraid this is a rather sad story.

Dee Walton runs the Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue in Australia. A few weeks ago there was a message on her answer phone. A lady was phoning to say a local stray cat that she had been feeding had had kittens, but a neighbor had killed the mother. He had picked the poor creature up by its tail and thrown it against his trailer.

By the time Dee got this news, another rescue center had picked up the kittens. The mother’s body simply lay there.

Then something amazing happened. The mother came round. 

Her back legs were paralyzed, but she managed to drag herself to the spot where she’d left her kittens. 

She was soon rescued and reunited with her babies. The rescue center named her Princess and checked to see if she was microchipped. She was and her owner was contacted. However the owner didn’t want Princess so she was handed over to the RSPCA who in turn sent Princess and her kittens to the local pound.

Dee Walton was concerned. She didn’t think anyone would take on Princess with such terrible injuries, so she decided to do something wonderful. She took Princess and all her kittens home with her to live in her rescue center.

Princess needs a lot of care, she can’t use her back legs and she can’t urinate or defecate on her own, but she doesn’t have a bad life now, she gets lots and love and care and she’s with her precious kittens and she’s a great mother.

You’ll be pleased to know the man who attacked her has now been arrested.

Here’s a video of Princess with her kittens. What an amazing mom!