USDA Says: Okay To Ship U.S. Chickens to China for Cheap Processing Then Back Home For You to Eat

6. June 2016 - By Clara W. Scott

It is now legal for chickens raised in the US to be shipped all the way to China for processing before being returned for sale in the US.

There is no law stating that chicken that has been processed in this way has to be specially labelled, so basically you will not know.

Nor will there be any US health and safety officials on site to ensure that US standards are adhered to.

People are worried that this will lead to chickens raised in China to easily enter the US market.

You probably don’t know that this is already happening with salmon. The best way to remove the bones from a salmon is by hand, and it works out cheaper to send the fish to China for processing than it is to do it here at home.

It’s pretty worrying as China do not have a good record when it comes to health and safety. They are often the center of some very controversial food scandals such as the 300,000 children who grew ill or died from contaminated milk powder, or the baby formula that was found to contain dangerously high levels of mercury. Then there’s the million dollars of ‘lamb’ sold to the public that turned out to be rat meat.

The only way to truly know where your chicken has come from is to buy it direct from a local farmer.