16 reasons why you shouldn’t leave your baby alone with dad

It’s no secret that mom and dad can sometimes differ in their parenting techniques. If mothers know instinctively how to look after children, then […]

18. January 2017

11 Strict And Surprising Things That Are Required Of Every Royal Nanny

Growing up, I had tons of babysitters and caretakers helping to look after me and my brother while my parents […]

17. January 2017

Abused Circus Lion Was Starved To Stay ‘Cute’ For Photos. Today, He Looks So Different

For many people, the circus is a place chock-full of childhood memories. From live animals, to magic, to acrobatics, and […]

17. January 2017

3 Men Jump In Rowboat And Chase After Moose When They Notice Cable Around His Neck And Antlers

Taking care of our wildlife can manifest itself in many ways. It can start by taking care of green spaces […]

17. January 2017

InternationalChinese Citizens Kind Of Grateful To Not Have Access To All Of Internet

BEIJING—Asserting that their government’s policy of strict censorship was not completely detrimental, China’s 1.4 billion citizens admitted this week that […]

17. January 2017

Mom Adopts Malnourished Orphan. Two Years Later, He Looks Drastically Different

In 2014, reporter Britton Lynn of Fox 6 News shared a story that was near and dear to her heart. […]

17. January 2017

Car Repair Shops Will Hate You For Learning Cheap Method To Removing Scratches At Home

With all of the things already on your to-do list, keeping your car clean often gets forgotten. Unless you are […]

17. January 2017

After She Showed Me How Easy It Is To Grow Garlic, I Haven’t Bought It From A Store Again

Without a doubt, garlic is good for your health. Because of all the photonutrients and antioxidants it contains within it, […]

17. January 2017

Trump Owes His Success To His Faith In God, “I love God, and I love my church,”

If you read the news, then you’ll notice how every other Mainstream Media news story on President-elect Trump is about […]

17. January 2017

She Knew People Would Have A Hard Time Believing Her, So She Films Video To Show Them

Although it seems almost impossible now, every single domesticated owes the wild wolves to their existence. Millennia ago some wolves […]

17. January 2017