One Poor Decision Can Ruin Your Life Forever

26. October 2016 - By Kim Q. Dawson

Kris Caudilla went to prison at the age of 26. He’s currently serving a 15 year sentence. Is he a cold blooded killer? A violent rapist? No, he’s just a young man who made a very bad decision. The decision to drive home after he’d been drinking.

Sadly on his way home he hit and killed a police officer. A police officer with a wife and four kids. Not only is he now behind bars for it, but the thought of what he has done haunts him. Can you imagine the guilt? Kris is not a bad person, but he’s paying the price for his mistake. If only he’d taken a taxi that night, his life would be so different now.

Kris became involved in this drink driving campaign in the hope of preventing others ending up in his position. Watch and see how he does it…