Macauley Culkin Gets His Life Back On Track – See What He Looks Like Now!

2. June 2016 - By admin


Being a child star seems to have some disastrous effects. It’s not surprising. All that fame at such a young age, these kids reach levels most people spend their whole lives working towards. Basically, it can only go downhill. Some child stars do go on to forge an acting career, but many others end up out of work as soon as they get a little older and stop looking so cute. This can be tough if all you’ve ever known is fame and adoration! 

Macauley Culkin seems to be no exception to this, but we’re pleased to report that he appears to be back on track again!

Macauley first hit the screen starring alongside the hilarious John Candy in Uncle Buck



A year later he got his most famous role in Home Alone 

Everyone remembers this face!

That moment truly launched his acting career!

He went on to star in Home Alone 2, My Girl and many more.

In the mid 90s though, after he appeared in Richie Rich, he seemed to disappear from our screens. 

We saw nothing of the child star for the next decade

Then slowly he started popping up in unexpected places, such as a guest role on Will and Grace and in some small films. 

His fans noticed that he didn’t seem to look too great and were worried about him.

There were plenty of rumors going around that he was addicted to drugs and had mental health issues.

But fans are now pleased to see that he seems to be looking healthier and has his life back on track.

So hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him on the big screen soon!

via Giphy

via Giphy