29 Things That Are Totally Legit

10. June 2016 - By admin

When you get caught for drink driving, always have a plausible excuse at the ready / Via / Via

Like my new shirt? It’s Lacoste you know! / Via / Via

 A normal sort of note from a forgetful husband to his wife… / Via / Via

She just looks young for her age / Via / Via

Come and put your card and PIN in here, totally legit ATM honest mate! / Via / Via

Wow! Someone is bound to snap up this piece of history! / Via / Via

The double bluff, no actual scammer would call themselves Illegal Scam would they? / Via / Via

I’m normal honest! Trust me, I’m a doctor, well I once went to the doctor and I’ve read a couple of books on the subject. / Via / Via

This is why you should always check your change. / Via / Via

Yes of course I’m displaying a license plate officer! / Via / Via

Which bottle shall I grab off the shelf? Well it makes no difference, they’re obviously all identical. / Via / Via

I shudder to think what happens to the children who wander into here looking for Wonderland / Via / Via

I just knew me and Obama would become good friends / Via / Via

This cop is selling a really great car! Hope I can get a good deal / Via / Via

Need a new computer? I bet these are the height of technology! / Via / Via

This is a step on from the classic ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse! / Via / Via

Check out these headphones from Boctor Bre! / Via / Via

10 out of 10 for improvisation! / Via / Via

DEFINITELY NOT HAUNTED. That creepy figure in the window? Oh that’s just my nan visiting honest / Via / Via

That gym logo looks kind of familiar… / Via / Via

Wow! Nice designer handbag! / Via / Via

This was the cheaper option, and it adds a certain character to the vehicle don’t you think? / Via / Via

So, so tempting! / Via / Via

This vehicle simply exudes magic! / Via / Via

Did they get sick of people asking if it was really a store? I’d love to see the inside! / Via / Via

Possibly the most valuable book in the world? / Via / Via

Sick of being mistaken for a cop? Here’s a simple solution / Via / Via

The very latest Apple computer / Via / Via

This sounds like a “great” night out! / Via / Via