This School Was SHOCKED By What They Found Hidden Behind Chalkboards… Whoa!

10. December 2016 - By Tara J. Barker


This is Emerson High School in Oklahoma.

When work began on modernizing four of the classrooms. They never thought they’d find something of massive historical significance.

Part of the work was to replace the old blackboards with new whiteboards. When they removed the blackboards though, they found another set of blackboards underneath! 

They had been perfectly preserved for 100 years! The chalk drawings and writings looked brand new!

It’s a rare insight into the teaching methods of a day gone by.

Writing styles were very different back then.

Many different subjects are represented on the boards, making them a very important historical find. 

While this style of learning may seem very odd to the youngsters in the school today, it certainly brought back memories for the older generations. The school Principal showed the boards to her mother who is 85 and she cried. It was exactly like her classroom looked when she was at school!

We know exactly how old the boards are as luckily two of them had dates on. November 30, 1917 and December 4, 1917.

Some boards featured beautiful artwork.

These ‘Rules To Keep Clean’ seem quite amusing to a modern audience. 

It’s quite eerie how well preserved they are. I bet the teachers who drew these images never thought they’d last beyond the end of the day, never mind for 100 years!

Here we have math and music being taught. 

A calendar helps to date the images. 

As they had only planned to renovate four rooms, they then started to wonder what was behind the rest of the boards in the school, so of course they had to take a look! Watch this video to see what they found…