He Put His Glasses On The Floor Of An Art Gallery – What Happens Is Hilarious!

27. May 2016 - By admin

On a disappointing visit to the San Francisco Museum of Art, two teenagers decided they were going to liven things up a bit. They placed a pair of glasses on the floor and waited to see what would happen.

People started to gather around this ‘work of art’, taking photos, perhaps contemplating the meaning of the piece.  

17 year old T.J. Kayatan took photos of his own and posted them on twitter for us all to enjoy!

art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-2 art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-10 art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-9 art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-4


art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-3 art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-6 art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-12 art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-7