Her friend’s daughter has cancer, so Mom makes Disney Princess-inspired wig for her

11. January 2017 - By Amanda F. Johnson

After trying to support a friend whose daughter received a cancer diagnosis, Holly Christensen found herself wishing she could do more for the family.

Christensen found the answer in making yarn princess-inspired wigs. The idea has not only helped her friend’s daughter, but also other children who have lost their hair during their battle with cancer.


Without a doubt, losing your hair is one of the most difficult transitions to deal with after a cancer diagnosis. For kids undergoing chemotherapy (the cause of hair loss), this shock can be especially devastating. The hair loss in children is disheartening to hear about, but this Alaskan mother is doing everything she can for children diagnosed with cancer.

Holly Christensen, a former oncology nurse and 31-year-old mother of three, first thought of the idea when she decided to make a Rapunzel yarn wig for her friend’s daughter — Lily. Lily was diagnosed with lymphoma last year.


Christensen explains that her motivation for making the yarn wig was about more than just fun:

“I knew she would be going through a difficult time, and that no one would be able to take her suffering away. I also knew that losing her long, curly blonde hair at not even 3 years old would be difficult for her, so I figured that the yarn wig could help bring a little magic and fun to a difficult time in her life.”

Upon giving the wig to Lily and seeing how happy it made her, a fire sparked inside Christensen.

Lily’s wig was such a big hit, Christensen wanted to bring wigs to kids battling cancer all across the country.


With the help of her partner Bree Hitchcock, Christensen’s project was born: The Magic Yarn Project makes princess yarn wigs for children all over the country.

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