This Dog Dances, but in the Weirdest Way!

Meet Jaxson, a German Shepherd. Jaxson loves a drive out in the car, and he loves to listen to music.  […]

28. April 2016

Thought You Knew Why Takeaway Chopsticks are Stuck Together? Think Again!

You’ve had these before right? You order a Chinese takeaway and they kindly provide you with a set of disposable […]

28. April 2016

Who Pooped in the Kitchen? This dog tells his owner. So funny…

This is hilarious, it’s a short video but it’ll really have you laughing. I had to watch it three times […]

26. April 2016

This Bear had his Head Stuck in a Bucket for Two Months – Watch him being Rescued

Dean and Samantha had heard the story going around their Pennsylvania town. Apparently there was a bear with his head […]

25. April 2016

Could Your Children be Abducted as Easily as This?

We all teach our kids about ‘stranger danger’ but have they really taken it all in? Would they remember your […]

25. April 2016

A Hard-Hitting Video with a real Twist at the End!

I really don’t want to say too much about this video, if you know what it’s all about then the […]

25. April 2016

This Kid Tries to Sell Weed… TO A COP! You Won’t Believe What Happens…

Okay, so if you’re into selling a bit of weed, you probably keep a pretty low profile right? You’ll sell […]

22. April 2016

Watch This Dog’s Reaction to Poopy Baby! Hilarious!

We all love videos of cute babies, and we all adore videos of pets, and here you’ve got it all […]

20. April 2016

Having Socks Folding Nightmares? Fold them correctly with this Hack

Being a man and living alone, you can guess that my sock drawer is not always the tidiest. I do […]

19. March 2016