The Pit Bull And The Ducklings – An Unlikely Love Story!

  Poor Jake didn’t have a great start in life. He was given to a lady by her partner as […]

23. May 2016

Is This The Happiest Cow In The World?

Meet Beryl. Beryl is a cow, but she was raised with two dogs so she doesn’t actually know she’s a […]

23. May 2016

When a Stray Dog Walks into a Police Station His Life Changes Forever

We’ll never know why Gorgi decided to walk into the Puerto Rico Police command center but it’s the best choice […]

19. May 2016

Can You Solve This Math Question That Went Viral in Japan?

In the 1980s 90% of Japanese people in their 20s could solve this. More recently though, this figure has dropped […]

6. May 2016

The Heart Breaking Reason Why This Woman Spoils Her Child

It’s funny, when you have kids, people seem to feel they have the right to comment on your parenting techniques. […]

2. May 2016

This Whale is Trying to Communicate. Find Out Why…

This is a really amazing story. When a huge humpback whale surfaces right next to you, you might expect to […]

30. April 2016

Spot the Mistake – You’ve Got Just 5 Seconds!

Think you’re good at spotting mistakes? Do you always notice the typos in the book you’re reading? Did you used […]

30. April 2016

The Donkeys Who Mourned The Death of Their Friend

  Bram the donkey had a sad life, he was neglected and kept outside in all weathers. He had no […]

30. April 2016

The Beautiful Bond Between a Dog and a Hummingbird!

  If anyone from Disney is reading this, this would make an awesome movie! It’s got everything. Animals, romance, a […]

30. April 2016

If You Can’t Resist a Cute Creature Check Out These Adorable Opossums!

Ever seen an opossum? No I hadn’t either, but this crazy looking yet adorable little creature really exists,even though he […]

28. April 2016