Tiny Three-Legged Kitten Finds Forever Family After Surviving Dog Attack

When a litter of kittens was attacked by a dog, only two survived the attack and they were both in […]

7. June 2016

Woman Reunites Baby Gosling With Her Family After She Got Stuck In A Hole

When you live on a farm anything can happen. This lady finds a gosling stuck in a hole. Mom and […]

7. June 2016

Peacock Survives Despite Incredible Odds Thanks To True Love

Why did the peacock cross the road? To visit his true love of course! When two peacocks suddenly turned up […]

7. June 2016

She Buys A Live Lobster From A Supermarket. What She Does With It Is Amazing!

Ever felt sorry for lobsters in tanks in supermarkets waiting to become someone’s dinner? I do, it’s not something I […]

5. June 2016

This Cat Has The Most Amazing Markings!

  All cats are pretty special, but this one is quite unique. Just look at the love heart on her […]

5. June 2016

When Police Find A Lost Baby Seal There’s A True Happy Ending!

This poor baby seal lost his way, cold and lonely, he found a stairwell to curl up in to try […]

5. June 2016

Her Father Passes Away Before Her Wedding, But Her Brother Makes Sure Dad Is Still a Big Part Of The Celebrations

Get your tissues at the ready, this is a real tearjerker!  Sadly Andrea’s dad passed away from cancer before her […]

31. May 2016

They’re Calling It The Patty Cake Video and It’s Going Viral!

This is really mesmerizing! Kurt Hugo Schneider and three friends sing a beautiful version of ‘I’ll Think of You’, but not […]

31. May 2016

These Men Harass Women On The Streets – See What Happens When Mom Goes Undercover!

Some men do it all the time, making personal comments to women on the streets. Perhaps it’s supposed to be […]

30. May 2016

These Photos Will Freak You Out!

We’re all different, but I think there’s at least one photo here that will freak you out. We all have […]

27. May 2016