Disabled Veteran Proves Once Again He is a True Hero…

Bob Butler was already a hero. He served in the Vietnam War and sadly lost his legs in a land […]

27. April 2016

Shocking Proof of Just How Dangerous Texting While Driving Really is!

Every day people die because they’re doing something else while they’re driving. Eating, telling off the kids, looking at a […]

26. April 2016

See What Happens When Tiny Tiger Cubs Meet an Adult Tiger for the First Time!

These little cuties are rescued tiger cubs who have been raised on their own until now. To start with they […]

26. April 2016

Why Did This Waitress Pay the Bill for 9 Police Officers? Find Out…

It was a pretty ordinary day at work for waitress Jessica Dunbar until nine cops came in for a meal. […]

25. April 2016

Bernie Sanders Wins the Nevada Caucus After All

After the Clark County Democratic Convention, Bernie Sanders has flipped his close Nevada caucus loss to a win at the convention […]

3. April 2016