These Blood Sucking Fish Are Causing Havoc In The UK!

The UK isn’t usually known for dangerous creatures but an official warning has been put out to bathers as there […]

1. June 2016

When Jack Black Meets A Homeless Boy He Is Overcome With Emotion

We all know Jack Black, he’s the funny guy right? But he also has a serious side. He recently visited […]

24. May 2016

Are You Unwittingly Supporting Child Slavery by Buying These Products?

Most people when asked would adamantly say that they don’t support child slavery, but if you eat chocolate, there’s a […]

19. May 2016

Abused Kids Get The Support of A Biker Gang

A victim of abuse can be terrified, especially when it comes to testifying in court. When that victim is a […]

6. May 2016

What This Baby Rhino Does Will Break Your Heart

  For the sake of her horn, a mother rhino is killed. The reaction of her baby is utterly heart breaking. […]

30. April 2016

Forced Oral Sex While Drunk Declared ‘Not Rape’ by Okalahoma Court

  This story is going to cause an uproar. It’s quite amazing that in this day and age, these sort […]

30. April 2016

The Life of Cecil the Lion Celebrated in New Children’s Book

When Cecil the lion was illegally killed last year, it affected the whole world. Now tribute is being paid to […]

28. April 2016

A Sad End for Over a Million Unwanted Dogs

Millions of dogs end up in shelters and for so many reasons. Some people can no longer look after their […]

28. April 2016

Distressed Orca Held in Tiny Pool

Loro Parque in Tenerife has 6 orcas, all are owned by SeaWorld. This shocking footage was filmed by an undercover […]

27. April 2016

Colored Kittens Rescued from a Barbaric Fate

link: When you see these two little mites covered in brightly colored marker pen, you might think it’s the work […]

27. April 2016