These People Found Fun In Some Terrible Situations!

Bad things happen in life, to all of us, and how we cope with it depends entirely on us. Some […]

6. June 2016

Paralyzed cat drags herself to the spot where she left her Babies

There are some truly terrible people in this world and I’m afraid this is a rather sad story. Dee Walton […]

5. June 2016

Stealing chipmunk was caught red-handed. Watch his super cute and guilty reaction!

Chipmunks are always fun to watch. The way these little fuzzy animals run up and down trees and trying to […]

5. June 2016

20 years ago a cop rescued her life. Now see were the two of them are today

Captain Joseph Barca loves his job more than anything. He has been on the force for 45 years now and […]

5. June 2016

This veteran surprised a local nursing home with a touching gesture on Memorial Day

Army Specialist Aaron Swallow served several stints in Iraq and knows the importance of the military and the sacrifices all […]

5. June 2016

They saw a guy drugging his date in a restaurant, reacted immediately and saved her from rape

Sonia, Marla and Monica were enjoying a few drinks in Santa Monica, California, the other day. When the girl on […]

5. June 2016

Train your brain: Can you spot the mistake in these little brainteasers?

A rainy Sunday afternoon and you feeling bored? Do a puzzle! They are fun, entertaining and nothing feels better than […]

5. June 2016

Macauley Culkin Gets His Life Back On Track – See What He Looks Like Now!

Being a child star seems to have some disastrous effects. It’s not surprising. All that fame at such a young […]

2. June 2016

Latest News – Harambe The Gorilla Was Holding Hands With Boy

You’ve probably seen the news about Harambe the gorilla. He was shot dead when a small boy fell into his […]

1. June 2016

OMG! These Guys Had A VERY Close Encounter!

David Jackson and his son Craig were out having a nice time on the Chobe River in Botswana when suddenly […]

31. May 2016