Tiny Baby Crawls Into The Backseat. Who Opens The Car Door? INCREDIBLE!

Like something straight out of Bambi, this little mite was orphaned when his mother was sadly killed by a car.  […]

9. November 2016

Her Father Passes Away Before Her Wedding, But Her Brother Makes Sure Dad Is Still a Big Part Of The Celebrations

Get your tissues at the ready, this is a real tearjerker!  Sadly Andrea’s dad passed away from cancer before her […]

31. October 2016

A Sad End for Over a Million Unwanted Dogs

Millions of dogs end up in shelters and for so many reasons. Some people can no longer look after their […]

28. October 2016

Colored Kittens Rescued from a Barbaric Fate

link: https://www.thedodo.com/kittens-found-colored-marker-1756254014.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=dodofb When you see these two little mites covered in brightly colored marker pen, you might think it’s the work […]

27. October 2016

One Poor Decision Can Ruin Your Life Forever

Kris Caudilla went to prison at the age of 26. He’s currently serving a 15 year sentence. Is he a cold […]

26. October 2016

Are You Unwittingly Supporting Child Slavery by Buying These Products?

Most people when asked would adamantly say that they don’t support child slavery, but if you eat chocolate, there’s a […]

19. October 2016

Have you ever heard of these 17 dog breeds? If not, it’s about time, because they are awesome

The following dog breeds are quite rare and you don’t get to see them in the dog park every day. […]

29. September 2016

They both love Harry Potter more than anything. So they had an epic Potter-themed wedding

Cassie-Leigh and Lewis Byrom are absolute Horry Potter geeks. Last year Lewis proposed at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. […]

26. September 2016

These moms will crack you up! 19 pics of hilariously parents

Who says parents always have to act like grown-ups and be super disciplined and conservative? Well, these pictures prove that […]

26. September 2016

They Load 4 Abused Elephants Into Trucks. Where They Drive Them? A Miracle…

Circuses have been very popular for many years as a form of entertainment, but they’re falling into decline due to […]

9. September 2016