Forced Oral Sex While Drunk Declared ‘Not Rape’ by Okalahoma Court

  This story is going to cause an uproar. It’s quite amazing that in this day and age, these sort […]

30. November 2016

If You Can’t Resist a Cute Creature Check Out These Adorable Opossums!

Ever seen an opossum? No I hadn’t either, but this crazy looking yet adorable little creature really exists,even though he […]

28. November 2016

These Photos Will Freak You Out!

We’re all different, but I think there’s at least one photo here that will freak you out. We all have […]

27. November 2016

Is This The Happiest Cow In The World?

Meet Beryl. Beryl is a cow, but she was raised with two dogs so she doesn’t actually know she’s a […]

23. November 2016

Boy Loses 75% of His Eyesight Because of This Small Object That You Probably Have At Home

The problem is that laser pointers look so harmless, they’re fun to play with. We’d never let our kids play […]

19. November 2016

2 Cops Eat Lunch At Chili’s, But Then A Teenager Drops A Mysterious Note On Their Table…

Police Officer Rance Quinn of The Kansas Police Department had been in the job for more than 20 years and […]

19. November 2016

These Blood Sucking Fish Are Causing Havoc In The UK!

The UK isn’t usually known for dangerous creatures but an official warning has been put out to bathers as there […]

11. November 2016

29 Things That Are Totally Legit

When you get caught for drink driving, always have a plausible excuse at the ready Like my new shirt? It’s […]

10. November 2016

16 People Doing It So Wrong It Hurts

  I’ve always thought the world is full of idiots and here’s the photographic proof!   Is this a new […]

10. November 2016

Family Finds A Mirror In The Bedroom. What’s Hidden On The Back? They’re SHOCKED.

  When Athena Orchard was twelve years old, she was told she had bone cancer. From then on life got […]

9. November 2016