All About Lemon Juice – Does It Matter If It’s Acid Or Alkali?

Some people will tell you that lemon juice is very healthy. The thing about lemon juice is that although we […]

28. December 2016

The Life of Cecil the Lion Celebrated in New Children’s Book

When Cecil the lion was illegally killed last year, it affected the whole world. Now tribute is being paid to […]

28. December 2016

The Pit Bull And The Ducklings – An Unlikely Love Story!

  Poor Jake didn’t have a great start in life. He was given to a lady by her partner as […]

23. December 2016

When a Stray Dog Walks into a Police Station His Life Changes Forever

We’ll never know why Gorgi decided to walk into the Puerto Rico Police command center but it’s the best choice […]

19. December 2016

Baby Born With Stage 4 Cancer, Thrives 18 Years Later

There is probably no news as heartbreaking as hearing that your 7 week old baby will only live a few […]

16. December 2016

This School Was SHOCKED By What They Found Hidden Behind Chalkboards… Whoa!

  This is Emerson High School in Oklahoma. When work began on modernizing four of the classrooms. They never thought […]

10. December 2016

Peacock Survives Despite Incredible Odds Thanks To True Love

Why did the peacock cross the road? To visit his true love of course! When two peacocks suddenly turned up […]

7. December 2016

Can You Solve This Math Question That Went Viral in Japan?

In the 1980s 90% of Japanese people in their 20s could solve this. More recently though, this figure has dropped […]

6. December 2016

This Cat Has The Most Amazing Markings!

  All cats are pretty special, but this one is quite unique. Just look at the love heart on her […]

5. December 2016

The Heart Breaking Reason Why This Woman Spoils Her Child

It’s funny, when you have kids, people seem to feel they have the right to comment on your parenting techniques. […]

2. December 2016