How Did We End Up With This Life? Well It’s All Down To A Dog, A Monkey And A Cow!

When God was creating the world there were a lot of jobs he needed to get done. First he created […]

26. May 2016

These Synchronized Skaters Put On A Show That Must Be Seen To Be Believed!

Have you ever tried ice skating? I tried it once and it was so much harder than it looked! Just […]

26. May 2016

The Most Adorable True Story Of A Cat And A Horse

  Meet Sappy and Dakota. Sappy the cat met Dakota the horse when Sappy was a tiny kitten. Even though […]

25. May 2016

Don’t Think A Praying Mantis Would Make A Great Pet? Think Again!

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, you may be considering a cat, a dog or maybe a fluffy bunny […]

25. May 2016

When They Found Some Sealed Crates In The Basement Of An Abandoned House They Never Expected To Find This Inside!

If you found a sealed crate in the basement, of course it would be kind of exciting, wondering what on […]

24. May 2016

Yes Your Cat Really Is Talking To You!

  Do you talk to your cats? Do they talk back? My cats love to have a chat and it […]

24. May 2016

Can You Spot All The Horses In These Amazing Paintings?

These are gorgeous pictures in their own right, but there’s also a puzzle to solve! It’s not easy, I didn’t […]

23. May 2016

Treasured Pet Photos – From the First Photo to the Very Last

Our pets truly are part of the family and when they pass away it can be heartbreaking. Here are some […]

19. May 2016

Are These The Worst Wedding Cakes in the World?

When you’re planning your big day you want everything to be just perfect. You spend months picking out the perfect […]

18. May 2016

Text Messages That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

When you get a text message that is just hilarious, it’s nice to save it and share it with the […]

18. May 2016