Medium Sized Dogs – Should You Choose One?

Are you thinking about getting a dog? It certainly isn’t a decision you should make lightly but owning a pet […]

10. February 2017

What This Baby Rhino Does Will Break Your Heart

  For the sake of her horn, a mother rhino is killed. The reaction of her baby is utterly heart breaking. […]

21. January 2017

Pastor Brings Home A Stranger’s Baby, Then His Wife Looks Down And Sees The Unthinkable..

Ronnie and Krystal started a church called Refuge in Pasco County, Florida. They knew this area had a problem with homelessness, […]

9. January 2017

Tiny Three-Legged Kitten Finds Forever Family After Surviving Dog Attack

When a litter of kittens was attacked by a dog, only two survived the attack and they were both in […]

7. January 2017

GIGANTIC Dogs With Small Kids… My Heart COMPLETELY Melted At #9!

If you love dogs and you love babies, you’re going to go wild over these images. It’s a total cute-fest […]

7. January 2017

Woman Reunites Baby Gosling With Her Family After She Got Stuck In A Hole

When you live on a farm anything can happen. This lady finds a gosling stuck in a hole. Mom and […]

7. January 2017

Thought You Knew Why Takeaway Chopsticks are Stuck Together? Think Again!

You’ve had these before right? You order a Chinese takeaway and they kindly provide you with a set of disposable […]

6. January 2017

This Young Man’s Bandanna Is Now A Symbol Of Hope After His Courageous Actions On 9/11

Many of us have something of sentimental value that we keep with us, or something we think brings us good […]

6. January 2017

Spot the Mistake – You’ve Got Just 5 Seconds!

Think you’re good at spotting mistakes? Do you always notice the typos in the book you’re reading? Did you used […]

30. December 2016

After he died alone in a nursing home, a nurse found something that moved her deeply

  Mak Filiser died all alone in a nursing home. After his death one of the nurses collected his personal […]

29. December 2016