Why Would Anyone Burn Coffee Grounds In The Yard? You’ll Be Really Glad You Learnt This!

There’s one brilliant reason why you should burn coffee grounds in your yard, and that’s to get rid of mosquitoes! […]

2. December 2016

Some Amazing Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide!

Hydrogen Peroxide is amazingly versatile! If you haven’t got some in your home already, you’re going to want some when […]

30. September 2016

Tender-Hearted Dog Brings Comfort To Hospice Patient During Her Final Moments

Therapy dogs can provide comfort to people in many different settings. They interact with children and adults with special needs, […]

6. September 2016

9 Impossible to Kill Plants that Purify Your Home and Keep You Healthy!

I love plants in the house, but I’m pretty useless at remembering to water them. They never last long in […]

10. June 2016

How To Turn Your Old Shoe Box Into A Useful Caddy!

If you’re anything like me you always hang on to your old shoe boxes just in case they come in […]

2. June 2016

Read This – You’ll Never Have An Ant Problem Again!

Summer is awesome isn’t it? You can sit outside, relaxing, perhaps with a beer or a lovely alfresco meal.  However, […]

2. June 2016

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Pests In Your Home

Pests in your home can be a nightmare. They can cause untold damage, putting your life in danger and they […]

1. June 2016

This Awesome Desk Organizer is So Easy To Make!

  Is your desk full of clutter? This organizer is so easy to make and has room for all your […]

27. May 2016

Clear up the Clutter of Cuddly Toys by Making a Zoo!

Kids love cuddly toys don’t they? But don’t they end up with a lot of them? Every Christmas and birthday […]

20. May 2016

Here is how you can keep your kids entertained in the car without making a mess

You are about to go on a roadtrip and want to pack some entertainment for your kids? This little DIY-project […]

12. May 2016