Bullies tell her she looks like a ‘sausage in casing’ – Her perfect response is going viral

11. January 2017 - By Tara J. Barker

Katie Fehlinger works as a weather woman for CBS Philly. Recently, bullies have harassed her over the Internet in regards to her body and her “disgusting” weight gain.

One person even went as far to call Fehlinger a “sausage in casing.” While she understands that being on TV and in front of a camera can open her up to criticism and scrutiny, she found that these people took things too far. She decided to stand up not only for herself but for Moms everywhere.

Fehlinger has gained weight because she is 35 weeks pregnant with twins. Apparently, starting a family and creating new life is “disgusting” to some people in this world.

But instead of letting the bullies harass and insult Moms everywhere, Fehlinger has one special message to them, and it’s quickly going viral.

See her response below!


Katie Fehlinger is a weather news caster for CBS Philly. She’s also 35 weeks pregnant (with twins!) While some would take maternity leave by now, Fehlinger loves her job and goes to work everyday. However, some people are uncomfortable seeing a pregnant woman on TV.

A bully told Fehlinger she looked like a “sausage in case.” Her response?



“I have to get something off my chest. So, the nature of my job makes me an easy target for criticism. I will always understand that, and I will most typically just ignore it. However, after someone blatantly called me a ‘sausage in casing’ and another declared that ‘sticking your pregnant abdomen out like that is disgusting,’ I felt a need to draw a line and speak up.”

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