He brings audience to tears with his cover of “Dancing On My Own,” wins Simon’s golden buzzer

11. January 2017 - By Kim Q. Dawson

Auditioning for the judges of Britain’s Got Talent takes a lot of guts. For Calum Scott, it took even more than that.

Just minutes after Scott’s sister, Jade, received a no from all four judges, it was his turn to take the stage.


As he begins his performance, the judges are completely aware that Scott is, in fact, Jade’s brother. It’s hard not to feel for the family as the camera focuses on Jade crying offstage. Immediately, you’re going to be rooting for Scott’s performance.


My fingers were crossed in hopes that the 26-year-old would be able to win over the judges, especially the tough Simon Cowell. As soon as he starts to sing, it becomes clear that Scott does not need any sort of luck.

The moment he hits the first note, you’ll be totally engrossed in his performance. The song “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn is normally considered more of a dance number. Scott, however, slows down the song and gives it his all. His disappointment in the judges’ decisions regarding his sister’s performance is poured out in his singing. All of his emotions are in this one, and the results are beautifully chilling.


His voice is so strong and so beautiful. Dare I say, I think I might like his cover of the song better than the original?

You really feel for Scott as he lets one hand off of the microphone. His nerves have him shaking, but he finds all of the support he needs when he looks to his sister. When she lovingly gives him her nod of approval, he is able to bring it home.

Even the audience is brought to tears by this amazing performance!

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