They Load 4 Abused Elephants Into Trucks. Where They Drive Them? A Miracle…

9. September 2016 - By Tara J. Barker

Circuses have been very popular for many years as a form of entertainment, but they’re falling into decline due to exposure of animal cruelty stories. These days people care more and more about animal welfare and these stories spread quickly. 

Animals have been exploited for entertainment for far too long. From painful training sessions to hours spent locked in cages, tigers, lions, elephants, bears and more are suffering. 

Ruby, Pearl, Goldie and Sylvie are four elephants who were terribly treated in a circus for decades. 

The signs of neglect are obvious for all to see. 

Thankfully Wildlife S.O.S came to their rescue. Wildlife S.O.S are a non-profit charity that looks out for the animals of India. 

This was by far the most dangerous and difficult rescue they have ever accomplished.

They were even threatened by protesters as they rescued the elephants! Luckily the police were on hand. It took fifteen hours to complete the rescue. 

The protesters were upsetting the elephants. Scared, they very nearly broke free from their chains. 

But the rescuers were determined. They would not be beaten. They managed to calm the elephants and finally got them on their way to a better life.

When they finally reached sanctuary, they were given some much needed medical attention.

It took time, but they started to get used to their new lives.

Discovering new little pleasures, like the joy of scratching your back on a tree!

All four elephants are now doing well and will be able to live out the rest of their days happily, in safety.